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About TSS - Technical Sales and Service

TSS - Technical Sales and Service TSS - Technical Sales and Service TSS - Technical Sales and Service TSS - Technical Sales and Service

How would you like to save hundreds of dollars a unit on your next process instrument order and know that they'll be the most reliable, highest quality process instruments at the lowest possible price with the fastest delivery and backed by the best warranty in the business? That's what you'll get when you call Technical Sales & Service.

It's Simple. Technical Sales & Service is the most cost-effective source in the industry for electronic and pneumatic instrumentation for flow, liquid level, temperature, and pressure as well as control valves. At TSS, we don't sell reconditioned or refurbished instruments. Instead, we completely remanufacture all of the instruments that we sell.

The people of Technical Sales & Service are instrument remanufacturing experts, specializing in new surplus and the remanufacturing of Rosemount, Foxboro, Honeywell, Fisher, and Yokogawa instruments. We utilize the latest in production and testing technology and equipment, reinforced by stringent quality control.

Experienced, factory-trained technicians perform a comprehensive range of services, including in-house or on-site fabrication and installation. We specialize in quick turnaround of remote diaphragm seals custom built to your specifications. We also repair all major brands of instrumentation at very competitive rates.

Our distribution centers maintain an extensive inventory of Rosemount, Foxboro, Honeywell, Fisher, Yokogawa, and similar brands of instrumentation to provide quicker delivery and help minimize your downtime.