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Instrument Repair, Remanufacturing and Recycling

Instrument Repair, Remanufacturing and RecyclingRepair

Why replace when you can repair? TSS services every product we sell as well as many others. Depending on the condition of the unit, we can diagnose the problem and repair the unit quickly and effectively. Your product will come back working like new at an incredible savings.


Rather than repairing the old unit, TSS can replace the major components with remanufactured parts, giving you a higher quality product than one that has been repaired with a better warranty than a new product carries.


Don't throw away your used or surplus parts and controls. Our recycling program can earn you far more than conventional scrap metal programs while helping us all help the environment. Sell us your old instruments or trade them in for credit. We will supply estimates, pick up, and delivery, all free of charge. 

Free estimates on all products sent in for repair. Call or email for details.